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After Sales

The Stone Marine Group provides a complete design, manufacture, maintenance and repair service that starts with the design and manufacture of propellers and sterngear by Stone Marine Propulsion.

No matter how well built the propulsion equipment it is almost inevitable that at some point in its long life it will require servicing or repair work. These activities are provided by specialist sister companies of Stone Marine Propulsion who are also members of the Stone Marine Group.

The services available are comprehensive and cover all aspects of propeller and stern gear repair and maintenance, from shaft bedding to straightening, cropping, reshaping, welding, and polishing. The uniquely trained and experienced Engineers and Technicians are able to carry out the work in most cases whether the ship is in dry dock or afloat. On call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, repair and maintenance staff are available to travel anywhere in the world at very short notice.

Full details of the services provided by the other companys in the Stone Marine Group can be found on their websites the links to which are on this page.

Stone Marine Propulsion is a member of the Stone Marine Group of companies, which is itself owned by Langham Industries

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