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Stone Marine Cap Fins

These are very cost effective bolt on devices to improve propulsive efficiency. They are a direct retrofit for an existing propeller cap (cone cover), or can be supplied with a new propeller instead of a standard cap.  The Stone Marine Cap Fins have specially designed fins that regain some of the rotational energy losses of the propeller. Without the fins, there is a twisting column of water behind the propeller hub (the hub vortex). The fins capture this energy, resulting in a propulsive efficiency gain of around 2%, and in some cases higher. This translates directly into a worthwhile fuel saving for a very modest capital outlay.

Stone Marine Propulsion have fitted over a hundred Stone Marine Cap Fins on various vessel types, for example container ships, car carriers, tankers, gas carriers and bulk carriers. Each Stone Marine Cap Fin is custom designed to suit the ship, and hydrodynamically optimised for the propeller and the operating profile of the vessel.

We can offer competitive pricing and fast manufacture times.

Stone Marine Propulsion is a member of the Stone Marine Group of companies, which is itself owned by Langham Industries

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